Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1972 Topps Football

You get the feeling the wheels were turning inside Topps headquarters in early 1972.  Was it time to do away with the six or seven individual series and just make one big set, with all cards available early in whatever season was starting?

It turns out the answer was yes—but not for a little while.

In fact, Topps produced not one, not two, but three series for its 1972 football card set.  The third ‘high number’ series was hard to find and still is unless you are Larry Fritsch Cards, which seemed to have a never-ending supply of unopened boxes, singles and sets.

Our Vintage Pack Break of the Week isn’t a 3rd Series pack, though.  It’s the 1st series, which arrived during training camp.  Leader cards, Hall of Famers and Pro Action cards were part of the mix.

Our pack was purchased for around $100 plus fees in a recent MEARS online auction.

Apologies in advance for the poor quality of the video in spots, but 42-year-old wax is always a blast to open, so let ‘er rip:

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