Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1970 Fleer World Series

There was another company besides Topps producing baseball cards in the early 1970’s, but without a partnership with MLB or the Player’s Association, they had to get a little creative.  Our Vintage Pack Break of the Week from Just Collect Inc. centers on one of those sets:  1970 Fleer World Series.

1970 Fleer World Series packThe packs showed up on store shelves in the spring of ’70 and featured a stick of Fleer’s thin, rectangular gum along with cards depicting cartoon drawings of past World Series.  Robert Laughlin, who became an artistic workhorse for Fleer for the next ten years or so, had actually created a similar set on his own a few years earlier, but Fleer turned it into a mass produced commodity.

Youngsters weren’t quite sure what to make of them.  The drawings were whimsical but Laughlin’s work ensured they weren’t too childish for collectors who really loved the game’s history.   In some cases, the cards were how kids learned about the game’s past.

There aren’t really any rare cards in the set and centering is usually the major condition issue.  Better grade sets will sell for $100-150.  Packs typically sell for $60-100, depending on grade.

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