Vintage Cards & Other Stuff

It’s a good time to be a collector of vintage baseball cards right now. Prices for high quality, but not ‘mint’ type cards seem to really be settling at a low level.

Collectors submitting raw material for grading hope for 8 or 9 grades when sending to PSA or their SGC and GAI counterparts, but it’s typical to see a lot of 7s and 6s when the order is returned. There are enough out there now to where you can often buy 1960–and even 50s cards–in near mint condition for far less than what raw cards cost not that long ago. I’ve seen a lot of near mint or ex-nm type cards that we once would have called near mint. Grading has raised the bar, and there are a lot of very respectable cards that don’t get any respect in a holder.

Those trying to build Registry sets are typically after 8s and 9s. Raw card collectors don’t bother with slabbed material, so there are bargains to be had at that level. You’ll get authenticated, nice vintage cards for a very reasonable price. If you’re in it for fun, it’s a nice place to be right now. If you’re selling, it’s not so good.

An extremely nice autographed baseball from a sports icon is about to hit the marketplace. We’ll have details in a day or two. You won’t believe what this thing looks like.
Yes, there are a few sports card and memorabilia columns still floating around media outlets here and there, although most are now considered blogs. One fairly new one is written by Chris Olds, who works for the Orlando Sentinel. He updates quite regularly.