Vintage Buy of the Week: ‘White and Gold Collection’

Sometimes going out on a limb turns out to be a good thing.

Our ‘Vintage Buy of the Week’ from Just Collect involves a long-time collector who decided that paying a little more than he wanted to for a Ty Cobb card was worth it.  Now, that investment is about to pay off.

Bat off shoulder T206 Ty CobbThe card is part of a group of about 80 vintage cards recently purchased by Just Collect that are now being graded in T206 Cy Young preparation for auction.  The highlights of the small, but impressive group include approximately 50 T206 cards, some of which feature rare advertising backs, and 25 T205 gold-border cards.  The group includes the Cobb ‘bat off shoulder’, two different Cy Young cards and cards of Hughie Jennings, Eddie Collins and John McGraw.

The collection is “fresh” to the hobby with respect to the fact that it was not in circulation and was assembled many years ago. The seller collected them a few decades ago – noting that he recalled hAmericanBeautyesitantly paying $65 for the Ty Cobb after the person he bought it from said it was a great card to buy and put away, although it might be “pricey.”

T206 StanageThere are several rare advertising backs in the T206 set.  Polar Bear, American Beauty, and El Principe De Gales (EPDG), which together, account for less than five percent of T206 cards in circulation, were all a part of the collection along with the stash of good quality T205 cards.

The ‘Buy of the Week’ also includes a T201 Crawford/Cobb and a small group of 1952 Topps, including Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, Warren Spahn and Bob Feller.

Once returned from PSA, the cards will be offered for auction through Just Collect’s eBay store.

Check out the entire collection in the video below and check back next week for another ‘Buy of the Week’.

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