Vintage Buy of the Week: Fresh Tobacco Cards Uncovered in Maryland

A fresh-to-the-hobby find of more than 150 T206 cards will soon be up for grabs after the family of a Maryland man who had passed away years ago found them in a box of his belongings.

Our Vintage Buy of the Week from Just Collect is yet more evidence that there are still great finds hiding in attics, trunks, closets and boxes across North America.

T206 WillisThe Terrapin Tobacco Treasury  was acquired just weeks ago in Maryland, and will be available for auction in the next few weeks.

TClark Griffith T205his collection includes dozens of T206 and T205 cards, many in high grade, including several Hall of Famers, Tris Speaker T206highlighted by a T206 Tris Speaker which measures slightly longer than most, a quirk that should stir the interest of series tobacco card collectors.

The bulk of the cards carry Piedmont Cigarette advertising on back but a few Sweet Caporal and Old Mill backs were also part of the collection, which was consigned by family members of the original owner.

“They belonged to the great grandfather who had saved them since 1910,” said Just Collect’s Leighton Sheldon.  “The family found them in an old tobacco box amongst his belongings.  The great-grandfather had taken some of the cards and glued them to a scrapbook because he enjoyed them so much.”

Cards of Chief Bender, Johnny Evers and Clark Griffith are also among the highlights.

The cards are currently being graded and will be placed up for auction early this fall via Just Collect’s weekly eBay listings.  See more in the video below.

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