Vintage Buy of the Week: Cards Avoid Dumpster, Head for Auction

There are still people out there who aren’t sure old baseball cards are worth saving.  Maybe it’s the multitude of stories in the mainstream media lamenting the “death of baseball cards” as they reference the infamous era of the late 1980s and early 90s.  Whatever the case, one Canadian man resisted the urge to pitch an old box of cards he’d collected as a youngster in the early 1960s recently and the result is a fresh find of 1962 Post Cereal cards issued north of the border.

Mickey Mantle 1962 Post CanadianThe man who dutifully downed dozens of boxes of cereal that year and put the cards away for safekeeping never gave them another thought but decided to give Just Collect a call to see if those old pieces of cardboard he had sitting in an old wooden box might bring him a few bucks.  The answer, obviously, was yes and the collection is our Vintage Buy of the Week.

Willie Mays 1962 Post CanadianPost Cereal issued cards in the U.S. from 1960-63, with the latter three series consisting of 200 cards plus some errors and variations.  However, they made only one set that was distributed in Canada.  The cards are very similar to their American counterparts but do carry text in French and English.

The new find consisted of 159 of the 200 different 1962 Post Canadian Roberto Clementeplayers in the set and includes a few of the more scarce variations.  There are several cards with white backs as opposed to the standard gray.  The Canadian issue was the only one to feature those.

Post Canadian white backAlso unique to the 1962 Post Canadian set was the company’s decision to put some cards inside the boxes of cereal.  These were issued in a strip with cards separated by a perforation that enabled youngsters to pull them apart.  In the U.S., cards were only issued on the back of the cereal boxes.

Some of the cards do show wear and creasing while others are of higher quality.  Either way, collectors of vintage Post Cereal cards are getting a chance to bid on them. Some of the cards have already been listed on eBay.

Watch the video below for more details on the collection.

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