Vintage Baseball Card Premise of Upcoming Movie

It’s got a new title and the Bruce Willis-Tracy Morgan movie about a stolen baseball card now has a trailer.

Warner Brothers will release "Cop Out" on February 26.

Starring Bruce Willis and Saturday Night Live alumnus Tracy Morgan as police detectives, the plot revolves around a stolen vintage baseball card that Willis owned and is trying to wrest away from a "memorabilia obsessed gangster".

Kevin Smith is the director of the film, which was written by brothers Mark and Robb Cullen. It’s original title was "A Couple of Dicks", a play on the slang word for detectives. However, that bit of double entendre did not sit well with the TV networks, which would ultimately be running advertising for the movie.

The studio is zeroing in on sports fans for its marketing and since the ads would be running during pre-prime time hours, the networks wouldn’t allow the ads to run with the "Dicks" title. So…the name has been changed just two months before the movie’s release.

We don’t know exactly how much of the plot actually revolves around the card–or even what card the script refers to–but we did catch a trailer for the movie which you can watch below: