Vikings Cards Boost Biz

They won’t be going to the Super Bowl, but for some dealers near the home of the Minnesota Vikings, it was a very good football season indeed.

It is the franchise of Fran Tarkenton. Cris Carter. Paul Krause.

But for fans and collectors who don’t recall those names of the past, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice and a reborn Brett Favre are what the Minnesota Vikings are all about.

The Vikings’ NFC North championship and subsequent run to the league Championship game have meant a new focus for collectors and more dollars in the pockets of dealers.

If Favre had decided to stay retired instead of returning for perhaps his finest regular season, there’s no telling what sports card dealers in Minnesota and Iowa would have sold.

At a show this weekend, though, those in Mason City, Iowa were telling the local newspaper they were glad he didn’t.

One jersey-wearing dealer figured it was kharma when only one part of his stock was spared from a house fire.