VIDEO: Olbermann Not as Fast as Whitey but Signs for Topps

Being a long-time, passionate fan of baseball cards and being on TV a lot does have its perks.  Keith Olbermann, who has never been shy about sharing a few card-related tidbits with a national audience when the time is right, is featured in the 2014 Topps Heritage set due out later this winter.

Keith Olbermann 2014 Topps Heritage autographOlbermann is a Topps favorite.  He is still an avid collector, chasing rare variations and similar items on eBay and Keith Olbermann Topps Heritageenjoying a large collection of some of the hobby’s best vintage sets.  He gets the honor of opening the first box of Topps Series One each January on his show (MSNBC in recent years but now likely on his new and highly acclaimed self-titled show each night on ESPN).

It’s not the first time Olbermann has had his own card.  He has appeared in a few sets just in the last couple of years.

This week, Topps’ Clay Luraschi dropped by the office with a stack of unsigned Heritage cards and Olbermann went about signing them for insertion into the product.  The visit was recorded and the video—which includes an anecdote about the prolific signing nature of Whitey Ford—is below.