VIDEO: Louisville Slugger Museum Appraisal Fair Brings in Fresh Items

Hunt Auctions is back in Kentucky for the Ninth Annual Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Auction, set for Saturday.  Hundreds of vintage baseball cards, bats and memorabilia are up for grabs again inside the downtown Museum, home of baseball’s top bat maker.

Before the auction, there’s an appraisal fair each day, where anyone can bring in an item to find out how much it might bring at auction or if it’s worthy of inclusion.

Autographed 1927 World Series baseballSome gems have shown up at these in the past, proving again that there are still valuable pieces of baseball history hiding in America’s closets, basements and attics.

This year’s auction features a Babe Ruth signed bat, a 1927 Yankees signed baseball, a Honus Wagner bat and the usual assortment of pre-War baseball cards.

There’s also a collection of signed balls that were originally collected by the manager of a St. Louis hotel decades ago.

The Louisville Courier-Journal stopped by and found a few cool, old items being brought in and they also got a peek at some of the items that will be up for bid Saturday.