Vick Still Showing Up in Football Card Issues

2007 Topps Chrome Michael Vick football card It seems Michael Vick’s football career lives on in Topps Chrome.

At least five consumers across the country have stumbled upon Michael Vick trading cards despite the Topps Company’s pledge that the embattled Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback would not appear in its products after his guilty plea in a dogfighting case.

Topps Chrome, which was shipped to dealers and stores recently, had originally been scheduled to include a Vick card. The company said last month, however, that Vick would not be included in the set. Yet four Vick cards have been pulled from packs and sold on eBay with two others listed this week.

The cards found thus far included three "regular" chrome issues, one refractor and one rare blue refractor card, which sold for $500. One buyer purchased all four cards with the other prices ranging from $350 to $405.

A fifth card is scheduled to close Saturday night with a high bid of $152.50 as of early Friday morning. A sixth card was discovered recently and listed Thursday night with bidders quickly spotting it.

No word yet from Topps on how the Vick cards made it into the packs.

Michael Vick on eBay