Vick Eagles, Favre Vikings Jerseys Available Online

Some stores are sold out, but the new Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings jersey–and even Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick jerseys are online.

You can still buy a game ticket for less than $50, but there seems to be a bigger demand for Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings jerseys than to see the man himself as the NFL season draws near.

Reebok, the NFL jersey maker, cranked up its production this week to meet the demand for Favre Vikings jerseys that has been in evidence on websites like Pro Sports Jersey. The site has seen a rush on sales since Favre signed his new two-year contract with Minnesota.

It has to be strange for Vikings fans to buy Favre jerseys when they rooted against him all of those years, but they have quickly taken to their new quarterback.

Last year, when Favre left the Green Bay Packers and signed with New York, over 200,000 Favre Jets jerseys were sold. Despite critics who don’t like the “will he or won’t he play” saga each year, Favre still has legions of fans, especially in the Upper Midwest, where both Vikings fans and Packer fans still admire him. The replica Favre jerseys are available for around $79 in several sizes and in both home purple and road white.

The newly-released list of top-selling NFL jerseys since last spring had Jay Cutler Bears jerseys at number one, followed by Troy Polamalu and Ben Roethlisberger Steelers jerseys but those statistics were released before Favre joined the Vikings and also before Micheal Vick signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vick Eagles jerseys experienced a rush on sales in the days immediately after he was added to the roster following his release from prison on dog fighting charges. Vick’s #7 Eagles jersey and the Favre #4 Vikings jersey will likely top the next list of biggest sellers when it’s released later this year. The remainder of the top-selling list includes Tony Romo, Jets rookie Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady, Terrell Owens, 49ers rookie Michael Crabtree, Eli Manning and Favre’s teammate Adrian Peterson at number ten.

Favre Vikings jerseys should be sprinkled in the crowd when the team opens the pre-season against Kansas City Friday night, and even more in evidence when the Vikings host Favre’s former team, the Green Bay Packers in October.

The real question is how many will be in the stands when Favre returns to Lambeau Field in November.