Valor to Return to Topps Football Roster

After a one year hiatus, Valor is returning to the Topps football lineup. The 2012 set was fairly well received as every base card was serial numbered to 170 and every other card in the release was also designed to be as collectible as the base set. 2014 Topps Valor Football is going to be constructed a bit differently.

Scheduled for release October 24, hobby dealers are currently being the offered the product primarily in a 12-box case with 20 packs in each box and six cards per pack. Each box is scheduled to have one autograph relic card, a second autograph, one jumbo relic card and one patch card. Among the players scheduled to sign cards for this issue are Teddy Russell Wilson auto 2014 Topps ValorBridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney and Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson.

More than a month after his suspension, Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson remains in the set with both a base card and patch card in the checklist, according to Topps.

The price point on Valor will likely be just under $100 per box at retail.

Blake Bortles autographThe jumbo relic cards will feature a minimum of 35 different NFL players and all the versions of this design as well as the patch cards are serial numbered. Both types of relic cards will have five different parallels: Speed #d to 99, Strength #d to 75, Courage #d to 5, Discipline #d to 25 and a Heart Parallel issued to a print run of 1.

Topps 2014 Valor Base Card Zac Ebron rookieTopps promises that up to 50 different players will be signing cards for the Valor release. If the preliminary images are any indication, autographs appear to be of the sticker variety. Just as with the relic cards, there will be several different levels of parallel signed cards. And just as in the memorabilia cards the scheduled print run of signed parallel cards will be thus: Speed #d to 99, Strength #d to 75, Courage #d to 5, Discipline #d to 25 and a Heart Parallel issued to a print run of 1.

There will also be some dual-signed autograph cards which are issued under the Alliance Teddy Bridgewater auto 2014 Topps Valorautograph name. There will be various multi-player combinations with dual autographs issued to a serial number of 10, triple autographs also numbered to 10 and quadruple autographs numbered to 5.

Up to 50 different players are scheduled to be featured in the Shield of Honor autographed patch subset. And the parallel alignment will similar to the autographed cards with: Speed #d to 99, Strength #d to 75, Courage #d to 5, Discipline #d to 25 and a Heart Parallel issued to a print run of 1.

Jadaveon Clowney 2014 Topps Valor Shield of Honor RookieThe 200-player base card design will have the an action player photo set against a multi-colored background and for fans of parallel cards (either just a parallel or serial numbered) there will be plenty available. The super collectors who go after “rainbows” which is one version of each parallel of a player is a set, should enjoy all Topps Valor Jumbo Relic Mike Evans rookiethe options. There will be a “Speed” parallel card issued one per pack as well as: Strength #d to 499, Courage #d to 399, Discipline #d to 299, Glory #d to 199, Valor #d to 99 and Heart #d to 1.

With a mix of veteran players and a decent rookie class, the 2014 Topps valor appears to be set up to be a product which will fit nicely into most collectors budgets and provide some value for their investments with the four hits per box to go with the preponderance of parallel cards. As always, please remember final construction of a release can change between now and when the release hits the shelves in early October.

You can see Topps Valor cards on eBay here.

2014 Valor Football FINAL Checklist