Upper Deck’s Day With the Cup Inserts Offer Unexpected Chase

by Nick Younker

Hockey card collectors got a little surprise this month with unannounced, special inserts into Upper Deck’s 2011-12 Series One packs that feature members of the Stanley Cup winners, the Boston Bruins, celebrating their victory with the Cup in tow in various locations around the world.

Upper Deck discreetly put the cards into packs, and when people started finding them, discussion spilled onto hobby forums and chat rooms.  Some are harder to find than others.  Most have been selling in the $25-45 range.

The idea stretched back to last season. When Upper Deck saw an image of Chicago Blackhawks star Andrew Ladd holding the Stanley Cup above his head on top of the Crown Mountain in British Columbia, they also saw an opportunity to create something unique for the fans.

Upper Deck said it made them realize that “unique images of athletes enjoying their “Day with the Cup” would be a great match since the company takes pride in the quality of its photography.

The Hockey Hall of Fame has been showcasing information and photos about the Stanley Cup’s summer tour since 2003 on their website.

The Stanley Cup’s winning team allows a day for each of their players to spend with the cup. Vice President and Curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame Phil Pritchard, travels extensively each summer to document each player’s “Day with the Cup.”

Upper Deck and Pritchard partnered to create the  inserts. Pritchard has provided all of the photos on both sides of the cards and all of the text on the back.

But fans should not get their hopes up right away. The “Day With the Cup” cards are rare. The odds of getting one are as follows: 1:1,000 hobby packs, 1:2,500 retail packs and 1:5,000 blaster packs.

There are fourteen Bruins enjoying their “Day with the Cup” in the 2011-12 NHL Upper Deck Series One packs. The remaining players will be featured in Series II.