Upper Deck SPx Adds Buyback Packs

Autographed Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Albert Pujols cards from past issues have been added to 2009 SPx.

2009 UD SPx Derek Jeter Upper Deck’s 2009 SPx Baseball debuted this week with some unexpected bonuses. The company says game-used and autograph buyback packs have been added to the product. Collectors can find one of these packs in each box along with four jersey cards and one autograph card, on average. The product also includes nine 20th Anniversary cards and four Joe DiMaggio “Career Highlights” cards per box.

The game-used and autographed buyback cards have been purchased from hobby outlets over the last several months. PSA has encapsulated 10 of the most limited cards in the buyback packs and they are now being offered as exchange cards. Some of those cards include the 1992 Upper Deck Ted Williams autograph card, the 2001 SP Legendary Cuts Joe DiMaggio Cut Signature card and the 2001 SPx Baseball Albert Pujols autograph rookie card.

Another addition to 2009 SPx Baseball is the return of mystery rookie autograph exchange cards. Collectors who pull these cards can find out which card they will receive by registering the cards online. Upper Deck will announce which players those cards are good for throughout the season. The first card (RR1) will be exchanged for pitcher Koji Uehara of the Baltimore Orioles, a former Rookie of the Year in Japan and two-time Sawamura Award winner for being the top starter in Japan. Uehara signed 25 of these cards in Japanese as well which should create some additional chase.

SPx baseball boxes, cases and singles are currently being sold online.


o Find four (4) jersey cards, two which will be a Dual, Triple, or Quad swatch card, in each box, on average

o Find One Jersey Autograph or Rookie Signature per box, on average

o Find a 20th Anniversary buyback pack in each box

o One (1) 20th Anniversary Memorabilia card per case, on average

o Look for Three (3) patch cards, one which will be a patch auto per case, on average

o Look for four (4) Joe DiMaggio Career Highlight insert cards numbered to 425 per box, on average

o Look for nine (9) 20th Anniversary insert cards per box, on average

o Collect the complete 100-card SPx set printed with Light/FX technology


Regular Cards and Rookies

o Base Set – 100 cards – Base set printed with Light/FX technology

Inserts and Parallel Cards 2009 UD SPx Joe DiMaggio

o Joe DiMaggio’s Career Highlights #’d to 425 (Celebrating Joe DiMaggio’s greatest highlights)

o Nine (9) 20th Anniversary cards per box, on average

Autograph Cards: (One per Box)

o SPx Rookie Signatures #’d up to 99

o SPx Game Jersey Autographs

Memorabilia Cards: (Two per Box)

o SPx Winning Materials

o SPx Game Jerseys

Memorabilia Cards: (Two per Box)

o Flashback Fabrics

o SPx Winning Materials 2

o SPx Winning Materials 3

o SPx Winning Materials 4

Autograph Cards: (Two per Case)

o SPx Rookie Signature Redemption

Memorabilia Cards: (Three per Case)

o SPx Game Jersey Patch // #’d up to 99

o SPx Winning Materials Patch // #’d up to 99

o SPX Game Patch Autograph #’d up to 50