Upper Deck Rewards Employees with Card

It’s a good day to work for Upper Deck.

Upper Deck Employee Card featuring game used swatches of Michael Jordan, Le Bron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant The Upper Deck Company will follow an annual tradition of awarding employees with a special trading card not available to the masses.

Those who work for the California-based company will receive a card as a thank you for their 2007 efforts. The card boasts the company’s four exclusive NBA spokesmen – Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant – along with three game-used jersey swatch pieces from each of the veterans and one NBA Rookie Photo Shoot jersey swatch from Durant, the newly arrived Sonics star. Although the basketball cards are limited to Upper Deck employees only, they are not sequentially numbered.

“This is a creative way of rewarding our employees with something that represents what we do in the marketplace,” said Upper Deck President and CEO Richard McWilliam. “And this latest version is a testament to Upper Deck’s unique advantage in the NBA market as we have the most collectible and highly valued players in the league.”

Previous Upper Deck employee cards have featured Jordan; Bryant; Tiger Woods; Mark McGwire (bat piece); a dual-bat card spotlighting Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle; and a four-player swatch card spotlighting LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Reggie Bush and Jeter.