Upper Deck Releases Premier Baseball

New product sells for $300 per pack..but what’s with the Jackie Robinson card?

Upper Deck’s 2007 Premier Baseball hit store shelves this week. The ultimate prize hiding somewhere in those pricey packs is a Babe Ruth autographed World Series ticket stub. Yet one card that’s popped out of a pack has collectors scratching their heads. Just a couple of weeks after Jackie Robinson Day, the patch card shows a piece of one of Robinson’s old jerseys behind the letters "BRO".

Typically, the three-letter abbreviation for Brooklyn is "BKN". The "triple patch" game-worn jersey cards offen include lettering and other Robinson cards in the set include "ROY" for "Rookie of the Year" or "LAD" for LA Dodgers. While likely a simple lack of common sense, the "BRO" card is the latest in a string of unusual occurrences this year. Topps pasted Mickey Mantle and George Bush onto Derek Jeter’s card while one of Jets’ running back Leon Washington’s first card appeared to show him flipping the bird with both hands (Washington later said he was simply making a pair of "W’s".

Otherwise……here’s more about the UD Premier set:

Babe Ruth signed World Series ticket stub Every pack of seven cards will contain at least five low-numbered “hits.” Collectors are assured of pulling at least one low-numbered autographed card, one low-numbered triple or quad memorabilia card, and low-numbered one dual or triple patch card – all numbered to 99 or less but most numbered much lower than that. A variety of parallels and die-cut variations feature even lower sequential numbering schemes.

In fact, every card in 2007 Premier Baseball sports sequential numbering.
The base set, a blend of current superstars and retired legends, is numbered to 99. A 42-card subset of RCs focused on September call-ups is numbered to 199. Again, a variety of autographed and parallel versions will also be inserted.

Premier Stitchings will be an integral part of the set. These cards will
feature special custom-manufactured patches created specifically for each
player. Seeded at a one-per-pack rate, they are among the most memorable
innovations in recent sports-card history and nothing short of gorgeous,
and very collectible.

Autograph cards incorporate as many as four, six, and even eight signatures per card. There is also a variety of one-of-one cards including Printing Plates.

First-year Japanese newcomers Daisuke Matsuzaka and Kei Igawa
will be available along with rookies Andrew Miller, Delmon Young and Troy
Tulowitzki. The lineup of legends features like Sandy Koufax, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken Jr.

“If you look at the checklist – not only the names, but the types of cards
– you won’t be disappointed,” insists Chris Kollmeyer, Associate Baseball
Product Manager for Upper Deck. “The whole pack contains the type of hits
collectors are looking for. There is an overwhelming amount of stuff for
everyone, and the worst you can do in any pack is to pull a
triple-memorabilia card. I definitely believe this product will deliver.
UD Premier marks the return of one of the greatest hurlers of all time,

More from Joe Palladino, reporter for a Connecticut newspaper who was there when the first packs were opened and offered some perspective on the release of another high-end product.