Upper Deck Reaching Out to Dealers

Logo (Static) - Upper Deck Store - 88x31 Better communication and more information is what Upper Deck is promising its hobby shop owners with a new program aimed at increasing sales.

Upper Deck is stepping up its efforts to keep sports card dealers and shop owners happy and in the loop. The company announced the launch of its new Certified Diamond Dealer program on Thursday. The centerpiece of the new program is a monthly marketing and sales support kit that will include product brochures, updated release information, exclusive wrapper redemption sets, branded posters and other signage.

Upper Deck promises shop owners more detailed information on upcoming sports card releases, including card images, three to four months before the product arrives on shelves. Diamond Dealers is just one component of the new distribution program launched by Upper Deck to ensure only brick-and-mortar hobby stores are able to purchase new Upper Deck and Fleer branded product.

“After performing a thorough review of all customers approved to sell Upper Deck products, we want to now provide them the resources they need to be successful,” said Mike Phillips, Upper Deck Director of Hobby Sales. “Certified Diamond Dealers will receive a monthly mailing with key information on future releases, marketing tools and exclusive promotional items. We believe this program will help to increase store traffic and ultimately drive more sales of Upper Deck and Fleer brands.”

The first kits are set to be distributed in early June and will be sent to by Upper Deck to all US Certified Diamond Dealers. July kits will ship to all US and Canadian Certified Diamond Dealers.

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