Upper Deck Offers Exquisite Experience

Five collectors will fly to the company offices later this year to build their own pricey packs.

Five collectors from the US or Canada will get a behind-the-scenes look at the 2008 Exquisite basketball card program through a new promotion called “The Exquisite Experience.”

One "golden ticket" will be randomly inserted into 2007-08 NBA SP Authentic (releasing Feb. 13), 2007-08 NBA UD Black (releasing Feb. 27), 2007-08 NBA SP Rookie Edition (releasing mid-March), 2007-08 NBA UD Premier (releasing early April). A fifth golden ticket will be awarded through a no-purchase-necessary program. The five winners will receive airfare and accommodations this summer to watch the company put together it’s 2007-08 Exquisite Basketball product.

Upper Deck promises to offer a behind the scenes look at this year’s release that will include some of what will likely be the most expensive Kevin Durant rookie cards of the year. The collectors who win the trip will also have an unprecedented opportunity to create their own pack of cards.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring collectors closer to our products and the sports they love,” said Chris Kollmeyer, Upper Deck NBA brand manager. “’The Exquisite Experience’ is another innovative and exciting way to give collectors an opportunity to see the large undertaking we go through for packing out a product this important. The other thing winners will enjoy is just how awesome it is to see all of these cards in one place for that brief time before they all are packaged and sent out.”

Upper Deck says the winners will be given five minutes to create their own pack according to the set ratios in place for the product. They will not be able to make their pack full of 1/1 cards, but will be allowed to select the players and inserts they want in their packs in line with those ratios.

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