Upper Deck Looks to Add Authorized Group Breakers

Upper Deck is looking for Certified Diamond Dealer partners who want to participate in the “Group Breaking” phenomenon for new trading card sales.  The company says it plans to support an Authorized Group Breaker class of dealer.

Upper Deck Group Breaker logoA “Group Break” is where a dealer purchases a box or case of trading cards and sells off spots for the break giving collectors the opportunity to try a product at a much lower price than purchasing the box or case on their own.  Typically, spots are randomly drawn by the breaker and cards pulled from the packs are distributed in that fashion. Spots are sometimes sold by team.

There is a community aspect to these breaks as members  see what everyone is getting and discussions frequently take place live online.  Group Breaks  have been around for some time now, but over the past year have really increased in size, both with regard to the amount of participants and dealers who sell these spots.

Any Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer interested in becoming a part of Upper Deck’s Authorized Group Breaker program may apply to be part of the program.  Additionally, Upper Deck says it is working on a program to provide incentives and special promotional items to Authorized Group Breakers throughout the course of the year.

“Upper Deck is again proud to take a leadership role in working with the top Certified Diamond Dealers doing ‘Group Breaks’ to help improve the experience for collectors, to make sure they are getting what they paid for and to provide a professional community of dealers dedicated to supporting these customer’s needs,” said Mike Phillips, Upper Deck’s Vice President of Sales.

Upper Deck will be accepting applications throughout August and will unveil the first list of Authorized Group Breakers in September. For questions on this program, email [email protected]