Upper Deck Looks For Football Card Inscription Ideas

Will Matthew Stafford write "I’m #1′ ? Will Michael Crabtree pen "you’ll regret not taking me"?

This year’s draft class will be adding some collector-requested submissions to its autographed rookie cards next month.

In another effort to get collectors as close to the game – and the players – as possible, Upper Deck is providing an opportunity for gridiron card aficionados.

Through its Facebook page, the company is soliciting collectors’ ideas for inscriptions to be added to its autographed rookie cards.

At this year’s NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot on May 16 at the L.A. Coliseum, Upper Deck will be asking some of the top rookies to add those inscriptions as they sign for upcoming Upper Deck football products throughout 2009.

First-round draft picks like Matt Stafford, Aaron Curry, Mark Sanchez and Michael Crabtree will be signing Upper Deck cards with inscriptions dictated by astute football card collectors.

Upper Deck will take the best submissions posted and get the majority of those fulfilled during the fast-approaching NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot. Collectors have until Monday, May 4, to submit their entries.

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