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Upper Deck Laying Off 119 Workers

Upper Deck jettisoned 33 workers in January.  It turns out that was just the beginning.

The Carlsbad, California trading card and memorabilia maker has filed notice with the state of California that it is laying off 119 workers.

Upper Deck has gone through a series of issues lately, including the loss of its partnership with Major League Baseball that launched the company in 1989 and two significant lawUpper Deck Companysuits.  A recent letter from the MLB Players Association to player agents indicated Upper Deck still owed royalty money to a number of players.

Left with only a licensed hockey card product, Upper Deck plans to expand its non-sports and gaming departments.  The company continues to sell autographed memorabilia through its Upper Deck Authenticated program.

“It’s safe to say that Upper Deck still employs more people within its trading card division than any of its competitors. And in today’s economy, that’s saying something,” said spokesman Terry Melia.

It isn't certain where the employees who are being let go worked within the company but Melia  told the San Diego-Union Tribune that no department was spared by the job cuts, which take affect Monday.


  1. I guess the “great days” would be more like 1989-1992, when it was much more of a simple company and they weren’t destroying game used jerseys or putting autographs (other than that of there own signed athletes) into cards , and had good standing licenses with MLB, NBA, NFL, and the NHL.

  2. Great card companies??
    You gotta be kidding.
    They have been one of the dumber card companies from day one. Buying bogus autographs to put on cards, destroying history to put on cards and many other stupid things. Why do you think they are losing their licenses?

  3. Let’s hope Upper Deck can get through everything and return to being one of great card companies of our hobby.

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