Upper Deck Founder in Tea Party Dispute

Bill Hemrick, who made millions launching the Upper Deck Company in the late 1980s, is suing the National Tea Party movement’s leader for backing out of a partnership deal and spreading defamatory comments about him.

Hemrick, who now lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area, is a Tea Party backer.

His suit claims he loaned money to the organization’s founder, Judson Phillips, to help cover  former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s $100,000 fee  for a speaking engagement.  In return, Hemrick claims he was supposed to become a bigger player in the movement’s political action committee.

However, Hemrick claims that after Phillips got the cash, he backed out of the committee deal, and then wouldn’t even let Hemrick attend the convention and Palin’s speech, which took place in February.

The Nashville Tennessean spells out the whole ordeal, but sadly, there is no mention of holograms or Duane Buice.