Upper Deck Football Flagship Set to Launch

Upper Deck will give props to the 1964 Philadelphia set with its upcoming football card release.

Hitting shelves before the start of the regular season, Upper Deck (UD) Football (SRP $4.99 per 15-card hobby pack) hits the market next week with 200 regular card and 100 card Star Rookies sets.

The company says the product will include one rookie card per pack, one signature cards per box and two memorabilia cards per box.

UD Football will offer collectors the chance to win parallels of the regular set. Collectors can chase the Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Predictor cards and if the player depicted on the cards win the actual award, the collector will be rewarded with a special parallel set of the regular cards.

New this year, UD Football will include a nostalgic 100-card set using the same look and feel of the vintage 1964 Philadelphia football card set (1:8 hobby packs). There will also be an autographed parallel Philadelphia set with cards numbered to five.

Rookie cards include JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson. UD Rookie Heroes is a 42-card insert set showing the rookies going through drills at the NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot, where the majority of the early rookie card photos are captured. There are two new twists to this year’s UD Football, there will a Rookie Fantasy Team – those rookie players who are expected to make a huge impact for fantasy football players – the NCAA to NFL set designed to show current gridiron warriors in a photo from their college playing days and one from their current team.

Upper Deck Jamarcus Russell jersey card

Upper Deck football will go live Wednesday, August 29.

Content Highlights:


o UD Game Jersey and Rookie Jersey Card in EVERY BOX


o Hobby Exclusive serial numbered Regular and Rookie Parallel cards

Autograph Cards

o Signature Sensation

o Inkredible

o NFL Ink

o Rookie Ink

o Signature Sensation Parallel – Serial Numbered

o Inkredible Parallel – Serial Numbered

o NFL Ink Parallel – Serial Numbered

o Rookie Ink Parallel – Serial Numbered

o NCAA to NFL Signatures – Serial Numbered

o 1964 Philadelphia Signatures – Serial Numbered

Memorabilia, Parallels and Insert Cards

o UD Game Jersey

o UD Rookie Jersey

o Rookie Tandem Materials

o Regular Card Parallel – Serial Numbered

o Star Rookie Parallel – Serial Numbered

o Predictor Cards


o 1964 Philadelphia

Regular Cards and Rookies

o 200 Regular Cards

o 100 Star Rookies