Upper Deck Exquisite Cards in Late Season Products

Upper Deck’s Exquisite line will filter into some other baseball card boxes.

Upper Deck has announced it will include Exquisite Collection Baseball redemption cards throughout its third quarter baseball offerings. The products in which Exquisite Baseball redemption cards will be found are Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball, SPx Baseball, Fleer Ovation Baseball, Fleer Tradition Baseball and SP Legendary Cuts Baseball.

“We were looking for a way to add value to our third quarter baseball launches, and building Exquisite Collection Baseball made perfect sense. Without a big name rookie to help deliver collecting value, we shelved the stand alone Exquisite release and decided to offer these bonus cards in product, ” said Joe Fallon, Director of Product Development for Upper Deck. “This is a unique way to offer a tremendous product that will provide long-term collectibility and value to consumers.”

Each redemption card will feature the Exquisite Collection logo. Upper Deck also created a website where collectors can register their redemption cards to see the look of card they’ll receive. In addition, the website will have a clock showing the countdown to the day Exquisite Baseball goes live and will highlight the great cards collectors are pulling out of the various Upper Deck and Fleer Baseball products. Added Gregg Kohn, Baseball Product Manager for Upper Deck:

“Collectors will be amazed to see how we’ve included rookies, veterans and immortals alike into this set. We have designed fantastic cards highlighting guys like Francisco Liriano, Jered Weaver, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig throughout the set. It is our belief these are among the most aesthetically pleasing cards ever produced.”

Product Highlights:

  • Each Exquisite Memorabilia card will have a minimum of three memorabilia pieces!
  • Every other redemption card will be for either a single, dual, triple, quad autograph, Cut Signature, Upper Deck Authenticated piece or an autographed memorabilia card
  • Find redemptions for a complete box of 2006 Exquisite Baseball Collection, they only way to get the regular card set.
  • Look for rare cut signatures, dual cut signatures, and cut signatures with a game used memorabilia piece.
  • Find redemption cards good for one box of each 2007 Upper Deck and Fleer Baseball products.
  • Look for rare Exquisite Legends memorabilia cards of Upper Deck Exclusives stars like Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb and Wagner!
  • Every card in 2006 Exquisite Baseball Collection is numbered to 75 or lesser.