Upper Deck Authentic Set to Launch

If you start suffering from baseball withdrawal in November and like the shiny new stuff, this may be of interest.

Upper Deck will put it’s baseball season to bed next month with it’s . Priced at $4.99 for a 5-card pack, the issue will include signature cards of today’s best players, at least two per box (on average) and Signed Letterman Patches dropping one per box. These signed Letterman Patches will spell out the name or accomplishment of a top MLB star and feature an autograph signed directly on the letter of a nameplate style patch card.

The base set will consist of 300 cards.

Hobby Product Highlights:

*Letterman Signature cards featuring autographs of top players signed
directly on the letter of a letterman patch style card, inserted one per
box on average.

* Find two signatures of today’s stars in every box!
* Look for a Chirography or a Sign of the Times Signatures single,
dual, or triple version #’d to 75 or less in every three boxes on
* Discover the one of one parallel versions of the Rookie/Young
Stars Signatures.
* Featuring a 300-card set including 100 Rookie/Young Star
Signatures and 100 short-print regular cards

Product Breakdown:

Autograph cards: Three signatures per box on average (one By the Letter
Signature and two other signatures).

* Rookie/Young Star Authentic Signatures – Introducing 100 of
the top rookies or young stars in the league with cards #’d to 399 or
less with an exclusive 1-of-1 parallel signature set.

* Chirography Signatures – A 100-card signature set of some of
the most exciting players, #’d to 75.

* Sign of the Times – A 100-card signature set spotlighting some
of the best players in the game today, #’d to 75.

* Chirography Dual and Triple Signatures – A 25-card
multi-signature set of some of the best young talent and current stars,
#’d to 25 (duals) and to 15 (triples).

* Sign of the Times Dual and Triple Signatures – A 25-card
multi-signature set celebrating today’s heroes and tomorrow’s prospects,
#’s to 25 (duals) and to 15 (triples).

* By the Letter Signatures – A 100-card signature set featuring
only the top stars and brightest rookies signing on a letterman style
patch card

Base Set

* 300-Card Regular set, containing 100 Rookie/Young Star
Authentic Signatures and 100 short print regular cards.

* SPA Heroes – Painting Cards 1:4.

* World Baseball Classic Future Watch – WBC Stars #’d to 999.

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