Up Close With Hockey Stick That May Be World’s Oldest

Is it the oldest surviving hockey stick?  A Nova Scotia man has done enough research to feel pretty confident that it is.  Now, it could pay off with a huge windfall.   Now, the 92-year-old man who sold it to him says he deserves a cut.

oldest hockey stickThe stick had been in the barbershop of George Ferneough for decades.  He finally sold the stick to Mark Presley for $987 in 20o08.

Since then, Presley has done what he says was some pretty exhaustive research to prove that not only is it authentic, but quite possibly the world’s oldest, dating to between 1835 and 1838–older than a stick that sold not long ago for over $2 million ten years ago.

Ferneough never thought Presley would try to turn it into a huge windfall and he’d like a bigger cut if and when that day comes.

CBC News recently paid Presley a visit to get a first hand look at the old maple stick that’s generating quite a buzz north of the border.