What’s Hot in the Shop: Ultimate Collection NHL Is Living Up To Its Name

On Wednesday afternoon, my shop received its two cases of 2013-14 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection NHL and by the time we closed, both cases had met their shredding demise.

Photo by Craig O'Neal

Photo by Craig O’Neal

I would love to share pictures from the breaks, but I had to leave that day in order to enjoy the musical stylings of one of my favorite guitarists – Jeff Beck and the eternal sounds of ZZ Top (I work security in addition to running my shop).  Fortunately quite a few of these singles have hit eBay so you won’t have to get by with my words alone. 2013-14 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection hockey box

Since its arrival back in 2001-02, Ultimate Collection NHL has been my favorite version of this brand from any of the sports and thank you, Upper Deck, for that.  In MLB, NBA and NFL, Ultimate has usually been a one hit per pack release, but the ice version seemed to always be better designed.  I mean for a c-note, getting one hit and some commons isn’t exactly a dream come true for most. I’ve always looked at the one autograph, one relic, one rookie and one common packaging as the perfect Cliff-Note version of a full box.

Fortunately my customers agreed since each and every year has resulted in a sell out at my shop. Boxes had something for the big time breakers while not forgetting about the base set fans as well.  More than once, I wish that the other sports enjoyed the same packaging.

Back again are the Rookie NHL Shield 1/1 versions that should have everyone digging deep into their pockets for a chance at the cardboard version of the Willy Wonka golden ticket.  At least at this moment the Nathan MacKinnon isn’t listed but it should have plenty of Legs and I would not put it past that gem to pop into the five figure mark. Sure he’s not a rookie, but it’s still worth showing this Corey Perry Signature Logo Shield to get your mind wandering.  Feel free to break out your Cheap Sunglasses and enjoy this 1/1 card.

Upper Deck Ultimate NHL Signature Logo Shield Corey Perry

Corey Perry Signature Logo Shield

The 1997 Legends style finally hits the ice with an impressive checklist of possible players like CuJo, Paul Coffey, Alex Ovechkin, Jeremy Roenick, John LeClair, Brian Leetch and others (see what’s been pulled and listed here).

2013-14 UD Ultimate Collection Nicklas Lidstrom AUTO 1997 Legends

2013-14 UD Ultimate Collection Nicklas Lidstrom AUTO 1997 Legends

There are three tiers of rookies with some numbered /399, others /299 and of course all the big boys are /99.  As mentioned above, the 1/1 MacKinnon shield card is still in hiding, but one of the gems under 100 of him has hit the bay already.  This bad boy is getting some serious action on eBay with more than a week to go before someone will be declared the winner.

Nathan MacKinnon 13-14 UD Ultimate Collection Autograph

Nathan MacKinnon 13-14 UD Ultimate Collection Autograph

Also thrown in for good measure are 1/1 Original Masterpiece art cards.  Previously seen in products like Goodwin and getting significant love, these Sharp Dressed Cards should generate quite a load of buzz.  Of course I will take this opportunity to gloat once again about the current Calder award winner and Colorado Avalanche superstar who is featured in this set.

Fortunately I have another case due in on Friday and perhaps it will be taken down when I take in Outkast in concert that same night.  I was a little worried when Ultimate Collection got delayed until well after the season, but it seems to be kicking some serious Tush already.

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