Ultimate Babe Ruth Collectible? His Last Car

He didn’t get to enjoy it for very long, but a 1948 Lincoln Continental given to Babe Ruth by the Ford Motor Company just months before his death has a new owner.

Lonnie Shelton of Pampa, Texas purchased the car recently from the Texas Museum of Automotive History.   It’s a hardtop coupe, lovingly restored to like new condition.

Ruth was stricken with cancer and died in 1948, not long after getting the ‘thank you’ gift from Ford for his tireless efforts at promoting youth baseball around the country.

Officials say Ruth drove the car to numerous speaking engagements before he became to ill to drive.

Shelton is a car collector more than a baseball memorabilia guy.  He wouldn’t say exactly how much he paid for the car but he was glad to show it off. Check out the video: