Tyson Added to NSCC Signers List

TRISTAR Productions, which runs the autograph sessions at the National Sports Collectors Convention, is bringing Mike Tyson in on Sunday, Aug. 7.

The former heavyweight boxing champion will join a large list of past and present signers during the show’s five-day run at the Stephens Convention Center in Chicago.

Autographs will start at $119 and Tyson won’t be signing anything with the nickname “Iron Mike” according to the TRI-STAR website.  Trunks, shoes, robes, belts and other such items will cost $249.

Tyson has agreed to take pictures with fans and collectors.  The $119 fee is good for one color 5×7″ photo printed on site, but that doesn’t include the cost of an autograph.

Tyson, the youngest fighter ever to win the WBA, WBC and IBF titles, retired from pro boxing in 2006 after suffering back to back knockouts against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.  A series of bizarre incidents marked the end to his boxing career and he spent three years in prison on a rape conviction.

Tyson rarely makes autograph appearances and recently told talk show host Ellen Degeneres that he was “living paycheck to paycheck”.  He had declared bankruptcy in 2003.

Tyson was recently inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame recently and seems to have mellowed as he settles into mid-life.  He’ll be 45 later this month.


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