Twins Reliever Trading Game-Used Stuff

You have to like a player who’s unpretentious enough to be his own webmaster…and who’s willing to have some fun trading off his game-used jerseys, jackets, cleats and caps to fans.

Minnesota Twins’ reliever Pat Neshek keeps fans up-to-date on life in the major leagues on his own website, During the off-season, he’s busy cleaning out the closet of some things he’s accumulated in Minnesota and his days in the minors.

Neshek is holding an on-line "auction" on his site, allowing fans and sports memorabilia collectors to have a chance to acquire some stuff in exchange for things he wants. "I get to clean up my house and get some good stuff, and you guys have a shot to get some game-used items," he explains on the site.

The side-armer is an autograph and card collector himself, swapping with fans through the mail and breaking boxes of new products. His own collection numbers into the thousands…and when you can create your own trading stock it’s a pretty good deal!