TV Station Takes on Collector Complaints of Pack Resealing

Avid collectors know all too well the perils of buying loose packs of sports cards at big box stores.  Many times, those who have figured out how to pinpoint where the autographed and relic cards in each pack have gone through the opened box, bought those packs and left the rest for the unsuspecting public.

There are pack searchers…and then there are pack destroyers.

Those are the criminals who buy higher end packs, take them home, carefully open them and pull out the cards, then replace them with virtually worthless cards, seal the pack up with glue or tape and return them to the store for a ‘refund’.

It’s similar to the case of the couple who was arrested in April of 2011 for swapping UPC codes of better boxes for less desirable ones.

In Cleveland, a tip from the public led to a story on the local news.

19 Action News’ Carl Monday talked with a couple of collectors who were burned in the Cleveland area and even sent a station employee in to test the customer service desk workers.

The story left some holes unfilled but at least the word is out in one area of the country.