TV Show in Development Needs Collectors

A brand new TV show, or “docu series” as they say in the business, is looking for collectors of all kinds.   A post at from NIgel Lythgoe Productions indicates they’re looking for all types of people who “have amassed an extraordinary collection of one thing – baseball cards, everything orange, Pez dispensers, feathers, you name it!”

Lythgoe is the producer of the shows Pop Idol and American Idol and is creator of  So You Think You Can Dance.

There’s no word on when or where the new series will air.

Here’s the rest of the casting call post:

Are you or do you know someone who obsessively collects one thing?  We’re looking for fantastic fanatics who have been avidly collecting for years and whose life is getting overrun by their collection.

Nigel Lythgoe Productions is seeking terrific, outgoing characters who can’t say no to something sparkly for their massive rhinestone collection, another Louis Vuitton patterned selection, just one more tea cup or that perfect doll’s head for their already brimming collection.  

This uplifting series will turn this collector’s life around and validate their treasures to all those around them who have mocked what they think is “junk” all these years.

The casting call ends October 15.  Two other reality shows, both centered around sports collectibles, are currently in the production phase, one set to air on network TV and the other on cable.