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Turning Cards into Smiles

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A Texas couple may not be inviting Good Housekeeping over anytime soon, but there’s a method to the mess.

Duffy and Lee Burnett of Kingwood, Texas have a lot of gifts to give out this season.

They’re sort of a Mr. and Mrs. Claus to tens of thousands of underprivileged kids in the Houston area, donating stacks of sports cards at Christmas.

It’s a project that often means their home’s decor is done in early monster box, but that’s OK with Mrs. Burnett, who helps her husband keep up an impressive community effort that began when their own kids stopped collecting.

"When they got older, instead of selling them we decided to give them away; it worked so well, we made it a project."

The Houston Chronicle stopped by to get a look at the work that actually takes place all year long.