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2013 Topps Turkey Red Baseball Arrives

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The latest Topps online exclusive began arriving on collectors’ doorsteps late this week.  2013 Topps Turkey Red baseball comes in a box about the size of a blackboard eraser and offers 11 cards including one with a sticker autograph.  Originally offered via pre-sale at $19.99, Topps sold the remaining sets at $24.99 last week.

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Turkey RedThe set includes 100 base cards, including active stars and rookies.  Players who changed teams in the off-season appear in the uniforms of their new clubs.

Putting a complete set together will be difficult, and likely expensive. Purchasing around 15 sets at the $20 pre-sale level might get you close if distribution is good. One seller was offering a near set on eBay but bidding as of Thursday night wasn’t that strong.

There are 39 different Turkey Red black border parallels, numbered to ten and 39 red border 1/1 parallels.

Inserts will include 1/1 printing plates.

Autograph subjects include: Mike Trout, Yoenis Cespedes, Yu Darvish,Will Middlebrooks and other stars but also some lesser players.  Quantities of each vary from just a few to several hundred.

See below for a box break, 2013 Topps Turkey Red checklist and some preview images from the company.

2013 Topps Turkey Red Checklist

1             R.A. Dickey          Toronto Blue Jays®

2             Derek Jeter         New York Yankees®

Turkey Red box Topps 20133             Mike Trout          Angels®

4             Jose Altuve          Houston Astros®

5             David Wright      New York Mets®

6             Manny Machado  Baltimore Orioles®

7             Albert Pujols       Angels®

8             Bryce Harper      Washington Nationals®

9             Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners™

10           Adam Jones  Baltimore Orioles®

11           Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers®

12           Justin Morneau  Minnesota Twins®

13           Roy Halladay      Philadelphia Phillies®

14           Jimmy Rollins      Philadelphia Phillies®

15           Curtis Granderson  New York Yankees®

16           Andre Ethier        Los Angeles Dodgers®

17           Jose Reyes          Toronto Blue Jays®

18           Matt Kemp          Los Angeles Dodgers®

19           Yovani Gallardo Milwaukee Brewers™

20           Fernando Rodney             Tampa Bay Rays™

21           Jonathan Papelbon          Philadelphia Phillies®

22           Robinson Cano   New York Yankees®

23           Ryan Braun         Milwaukee Brewers™

24           Joe Mauer           Minnesota Twins®

25           Gio Gonzalez      Washington Nationals®

26           Pablo Sandoval  San Francisco Giants®

27           Yonder Alonso    San Diego Padres™

28           Ryan Zimmerman  Washington Nationals®

29           Yadier Molina     St. Louis Cardinals®

30           David Price  Tampa Bay Rays™

31           Adam Wainwright  St. Louis Cardinals®

32           Prince Fielder      Detroit Tigers®

33           Edwin Encarnacion Toronto Blue Jays®

34           Yasmani Grandal San Diego Padres™

35           Chase Utley        Philadelphia Phillies®

36           Jose Bautista      Toronto Blue Jays®

37           Jake Peavy          Chicago White Sox®

38           Carlos Santana   Cleveland Indians®

39           Brian McCann     Atlanta Braves™

40           Starlin Castro      Chicago Cubs®

41           Brandon Phillips Cincinnati Reds®

42           Aroldis Chapman              Cincinnati Reds®

43           Justin Upton       Arizona Diamondbacks®

44           Joey Votto          Cincinnati Reds®

45           Jon Lester            Boston Red Sox®

46           Wade Miley        Arizona Diamondbacks®

47           Mark Trumbo     Angels®

48           Adrian Beltre      Texas Rangers®

49           Eric Hosmer        Kansas City Royals®

50           Andrew McCutchen         Pittsburgh Pirates®

51           C.J. Wilson          Angels®

52           Dustin Pedroia    Boston Red Sox®

53           Asdrubal Cabrera              Cleveland Indians®

54           Tim Lincecum     San Francisco Giants®

55           Tim Hudson         Atlanta Braves™

56           Freddie Freeman               Atlanta Braves™

57           Paul Konerko      Chicago White Sox®

58           CC Sabathia        New York Yankees®

59           Josh Hamilton    Angels®

60           Buster Posey       San Francisco Giants®

61           Matt Cain            San Francisco Giants®

62           Ian Kinsler           Texas Rangers®

63           Matt Holliday     St. Louis Cardinals®

64           Jesus Montero   Seattle Mariners™

65           Carlos Gonzalez Colorado Rockies™

66           Austin Jackson    Detroit Tigers®

67           Mat Latos            Cincinnati Reds®

68           Adam Dunn         Chicago White Sox®

69           Josh Reddick       Oakland Athletics™

70           Yoenis Cespedes  Oakland Athletics™

71           Hunter Pence      San Francisco Giants®

72           Cole Hamels       Philadelphia Phillies®

73           Yu Darvish           Texas Rangers®

74           Johnny Cueto     Cincinnati Reds®

75           Miguel Cabrera  Detroit Tigers®

76           Jean Segura        Milwaukee Brewers™

77           Anthony Rizzo    Chicago Cubs®

78           Tyler Skaggs        Arizona Diamondbacks® Rookie

79           Ian Kennedy        Arizona Diamondbacks®

80           Jered Weaver     Angels®

81           Zack Greinke       Los Angeles Dodgers®

82           Chris Sale             Chicago White Sox®

83           Craig Kimbrel      Atlanta Braves™

84           Jason Heyward   Atlanta Braves™

85           Evan Longoria    Tampa Bay Rays™

86           Ryan Howard      Philadelphia Phillies®

87           Giancarlo Stanton            Miami Marlins™

88           Adrian Gonzalez Los Angeles Dodgers®

89           Cliff Lee               Philadelphia Phillies®

90           Carlos Beltran    St. Louis Cardinals®

91           Josh Beckett       Los Angeles Dodgers®

92           Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers®

93           Billy Butler           Kansas City Royals®

94           Colby Rasmus     Toronto Blue Jays®

95           Brett Wallace     Houston Astros®

96           Starling Marte    Pittsburgh Pirates®

97           Troy Tulowitzki  Colorado Rockies™

98           Hanley Ramirez  Los Angeles Dodgers®

99           James Shields     Kansas City Royals®

100        Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals®

Chris Archer autograph 2013 Turkey RedAutographed Base Cards

TRA-AA Alexi Amarista    San Diego Padres™

TRA-AC Andrew Carignan Oakland Athletics™

TRA-AE  Alcides Escobar  Kansas City Royals®

TRA-AG Anthony Gose    Toronto Blue Jays®

TRA-AGO  Alex Gordon    Kansas City Royals®

TRA-AJ  Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles®

TRA-BM Brian McCann    Atlanta Braves™

TRA-BP  Brad Peacock     Oakland Athletics™

TRA-BU B.J. Upton  Atlanta Braves™

TRA-CA Chris Archer        Tampa Bay Rays™

TRA-CP  Carlos Pena         Houston Astros®

TRA-DH Drew Hutchison Toronto Blue Jays®

TRA-DN Derek Norris       Oakland Athletics™

TRA-DS  Drew Storen       Washington Nationals®

TRA-ES  Eduardo Sanchez  St. Louis Cardinals®

TRA-FH  Felix Hernandez   Seattle Mariners™

TRA-JA  J.P. Arencibia      Toronto Blue Jays®

TRA-JB  Jose Bautista      Toronto Blue Jays®