TTM Autograph Arrives…20 Years Later

It was the modern era hobby heyday.  Every kid collected baseball cards–or so it seemed.  A lot of them sent them away for autographs.  Some came back…some didn’t.

Jeremy Telford was one of those kids, growing up with a fellow card freak in Ruston, La.

He loved baseball enough to earn a scholarship to Louisiana Tech. That was a long time ago.  But not as long as it’s been since he was sending baseball cards to big leaguers, hoping for an autograph.

In 1991, a stamp was 29 cents.

We know that because the young Jeremy’s TTM (through the mail) autograph request was just returned in the self-addressed stamped envelope his young fingers included with an Upper Deck Kevin Reimer card…20 years ago.

Thanks to a woman who tracked him down, he’s got another card for his collection.


  1. […] Through the mail autograph request delays are legendary among avid collectors. One guy waited 20 years for Kevin Reimer to return his old Upper Deck card (you can read about that one–and some others–here). […]