Tribe Closer Perez is a Collector

The Cleveland Indians invested over $2 million in Chris Perez over the winter.

The former St. Louis Cardinal is now the the closer for the Tribe–and a pretty wealthy guy compared to other 20-somethings.

Image from Beckett media

That’s the nature of Major League Baseball today. And while fans might paint players with a broad stroke and imagine they’d buy expensive cars or other luxuries with the extra loot, that’s not always true.

Perez is a card collector and he couldn’t resist taking a shot at owning a newly produced Topps Tribute 1-1 with the cut signatures of the 1927 New York Yankees’ lineup.

The card itself survived challenges from collectors and dealers convinced that the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig signatures weren’t real. They passed inspection twice, though, and Perez is now the owner of one expensive modern era card with a retro twist.