Trapped: Yankee Historian’s Donated Memorabilia Swallowed by Bankruptcy Court

Marty Appel was just trying to help a restaurant he loved.  In the end, his generosity seems to have backfired.  Appel, the former public relations man for the Yankees who has aided sports memorabilia companies with their PR efforts over the years, is apparently going to lose more than 20 items he donated to the bankrupt Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant.

Mantle's Restaurant NYCA bankruptcy auction is planned for later this month and the bankruptcy court has declared that anything inside is fair game.

Fair is the last thing it is, actually, but it’s not the first time something like this has happened–even in the same city.  A few years ago, the ill-fated and short-lived National Sports Museum was padlocked with several items belonging to famous athletes who donated them still inside.

Luckily for Appel, there isn’t anything of his inside the restaurant that would turn the sports memorabilia world on its ear, but it’s meaningful stuff to him and he told the New York Daily News he fells pretty helpless.