Trail Goes Cold: Police Search for Ex-Player’s Memorabilia

Former NHL star Bill Ranford won lots of jewelry as one of the game’s top goalkeepers. Some brazen thieves broke in and stole it four weeks ago. Now police are looking for help.

If you can’t win it, steal it. That seems to be the motto for thieves lately.

Just days after NFL championship rings belonging to a former player were stolen in a Kansas City suburb, Canadian police say several commemorative watches were taken in a burglary at the home of LA Kings’ goalkeeping coach Bill Ranford.

The thugs apparently walked in while Ranford’s family was at home and snuck out unnoticed with a Stanley Cup watch and several other pieces that are worth a bundle. Ranford wanted to keep it quiet, but his position may have backfired. No leads have turned up and it may be difficult to get the stolen goods back since the crime happened four weeks ago.