Trading Home Run Balls for Swag

The Wall Street Journal is down with the story of fans/collectors trading milestone home run balls for memorabilia.

It may not be 100% accurate to call them "collectors", but they do understand the value of a baseball to the player who hit it.

Ballhawks have been chasing home run balls for years, but not until the last ten years or so have things morphed into a commodity type situation.

We’ve brought you the stories of those who have snared Bonds’ 756th, Griffey’s 500th, ARod’s 500th and even Chris Coghlan’s first. Many of the top milestone balls wind up in auctions, but for those ‘mini milestones’, it’s often a case of Let’s Make a Deal’, and usually that deal includes autographed items and bats.

The whole game is much more sophisticated, it seems, than anyone really even imagined. The Wall Street Journal went in search of the dirt from the ballhawks, players and team management.