VIDEO: The Topps Vault

For years, it was all locked inside a giant storage facility.  One by one over the last few years, however, the little one-of-a-kind gems from Topps’ past have filtered ouOriginal Topps Photo 1962 Stamps Frank Robinsont through ongoing eBay auctions.

From the start, it was clear that collectors would pay for virtually anything the company loaded into a listing.

Printing proofs.  Old photos used for cards and other Topps’ products.  Original artwork used for the little cartoon drawings that have been a staple of all of the company’s product lines.  Even signed contracts that allowed Topps to use a player’s photo in return for a small check or a gift.

The eBay auctions continue under the direction of long-time employee Mike Jaspersen and some of the items were on display at this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.

He took time to talk with us about the history of the vault and his role as sort of a Topps Vault curator.

Want to see what’s up for bid now inside the Topps Vault? Click here to see the eBay listings.


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