Total Take for NBA Finals Jersey Sale: $226,540

Kobe Bryant game worn jersey Part two of the NBA Finals jersey auction came to a close with Kobe Bryant getting the better of the Celtics this time.

Someone apparently had an extra $25K laying around.

The second round of a two-part NBA championship series jersey auction wrapped up Thursday night with fans and collectors chasing 30 more game worn and game issued jerseys, tagged and authenticated for the league-sponsored online sale.

All jerseys sold Thursday were from game three at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Part one of the auction, featuring jerseys from game one in Boston, closed Tuesday.

Kobe Bryant’s home gold #24 led the pack in the last group, generating a winning bid of $25,020. 56 bids were entered for the Bryant jersey. No other Lakers jersey came close to reaching five figures. Pau Gasol’s home gamer brought $3670.

Kevin Garnett’s jersey again proved most popular with bidders chasing the Celtics’ road green shirts. Garnett’s game three pullover went for $20,720 with Finals MVP Paul Pierce’s #34 selling for $16,120 and Ray Allen’s #20 reaching $10,123.

In round one of the sale, also conducted by MeiGray Group, a Garnett home white jersey brought $31,070.

Total proceeds from the sale of the game three jerseys was $114,024.79. The Celtics jerseys sold for $70,867.10 while the Lakers shirts went for $43,157.69. Total proceeds from the two sales combined generated a whopping $226,540.79 via NBA Auctions. Both auctions were live for two weeks.

MeiGray Group, under a contract with the NBA, authenticated each jersey, using its security system which includes a special code, tag and number placed on the jerseys prior to the player receiving it for game use.

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