Topps Will Release Ode to 1894 Mayo’s Set

Topps will revive the name of the first maker of football cards for a major upcoming release.

Football was just a blip on the radar screen in 1894 and the only game in town was the one played in college.

With no NCAA around, Mayo’s Cut Plug tobacco was free to include students among the subjects in its card set. The few that show up for sale usually draw a crowd of bidders.

Now Topps continues the trend of reviving old brand names in an effort to lure vintage and modern card collectors to the fold. Designed along the lines of a couple of other recent products which also included entertainment and political figures, Topps Mayo will be out later this year.

It’s not the first time a modern card maker has ‘gone Mayo’.

In 2002, Donruss produced a 25-card insert set modeled after the 19th century series.

Here’s a peek at the new Topps effort: