Topps, Upper Deck Settle Suit


Topps and Upper Deck have settled their latest court dispute through mediation.

Topps and Upper Deck have come to a settlement over a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Details are still sketchy, but the two trading card rivals resolved the case through U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet. The paperwork was signed on Tuesday and filed Wednesday in federal court.

Topps had brought the action earlier this year, claiming some of Upper Deck’s 2009 product designs were nearly identical to those it brought to market during the 1970s including the ’71 and ’75 Topps baseball issues. Topps had been seeking monetary damages and the destruction of what it saw as the offending Upper Deck products.

The two sides had already reached agreement on some elements of the case in June of this year.

There is no indication as of yet what the settlement terms involved. The case was closed by order of U.S. District Judge Richard Berman. Legally, either party could request a re-opening of the file anytime in the next four weeks if they can prove that a reason exists for it to be restarted.

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