Topps Unveils First Mini Chrome Football Product

Topps has released various mini cards since the 1970’s, but over the past several years their popularity has increased resulting in the development of mini products. Partnering their popular Chrome brand with the mini craze, Topps has announced 2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football.  Unlike some previous mini products, this one will be available to hobby shops.

Expect boxes to cost around $70-75 at retail.  Topps will pack one autographed rookie card per box.

Like other Chrome products, there will be an emphasis on first year players with as many rookie cards as veterans in the base set: 110.

Twenty-five rookies and 30 veteran cards will have variations for collectors to chase in what Topps has called ‘limited’ print runs.

Eddie Lacy 2014 Topps Chrome MiniAs this is a Topps Chrome product refractors will be a major part of the release, and each hobby box will contain three. Each Topps Mini Chrome Football Sammy Watkins refractorbox will contain one numbered Pulsar refractor plus the chance at getting a STS-Mike Evans autograph 2014 Topps Mini Chromebordered refractor (#’d to 99), BCA-bordered refractor (#’d to 25), black-bordered refractor (#’d to 15), gold-bordered refractor (#’d to 10), red-bordered refractor (#’d to 5), or SuperFractor (1/1).

Many members of the 2014 NFL draft class will be featured in the set, however not all will have on-card autographs. In addition the mini rookie autographs will feature variations and refractors (#’d to 150) with parallels including STS refractors (#’d to 99), BCA refractors (#’d to 75), Black refractors (#’d to 25), Pulsar refractors (#’d to 15), Gold refractors (#’d to 10), Red refractors (#’d to 5), and SuperFractors (1/1).

Topps 2014 Mini Chrome 1000 Yard Club Drew BreesThe product will feature several insert sets including Fantasy Focus, 1985 Topps Football, Chrome Rookie Die-cuts, 1,000  Yard Club, and 4,000 Yard Club. Fantasy Focus will be inserted 1:12 packs with Refractor (#’d to 50) and SuperFractor (1/1) parallels. 1985 Topps Football will be inserted 1:24 packs with Refractor (#’d to 50), Pulsar Refractor SuperFractor (1/1), and autograph (#’d to 15) parallels.

CTeddy Bridgewater auto 2014 Mini Chrome die cuthrome Rookie Die-cuts, featuring what Topps has described as ‘the most collectible rookies’, and will fall 1:24 packs with Blue Wave refractors (#’d to 50), Red refractors (#’d to 25), SuperFractors (1/1), and autographs (#’d to 15). 1,000 Yard Club will be one per case and features receivers and backs who totaled 1,000 offensive yards in 2013 with Red refractor, Blue Wave refractors (#’d to 25), hobby-exclusive SuperFractors (1/1), and Red refractor autographs. 4,000 Yard Club also will be inserted one per case and feature quarterbacks who threw for 4,000 yards in 2013 with Red refractors, Blue Wave refractors (#’d to 25), SuperFractors (1/1), and Red refractor autographs.

Look for 2014 Topps Chrome Mini Football on hobby shelves in December 2014.