Topps Triple Threads 2011 Baseball Released

Topps Triple Threads 2011 baseball rolled into stores on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the year’s most anticipated baseball products runs about $170 per box and contains two packs per display box.

Topps Triple Threads baseball boxEach pack contains three numbered Topps Triple Threads Baseball base cards plus two numbered Parallel cards plus one numbered Triple Relic card and one Triple Threads Unity Single Autograph Relic card.

Over 2200 listings were already on eBay.

Box breaks are easy for YouTube with just a few cards per pack and plenty of them, like this one done at a Kennesaw, Ga., sports card shop, revealed some 1/1 hits.

For those willing to invest, or split the cost of a case:  Every 18-Box Case Contains:
– A 1 of 1 Autographed Triple Relic Card
– A Triple Autographed Triple Relic Card, Numbered* to 36 or less