Topps Tricks Have Collectors Culling Commons

Thanks to the introduction of some new products, you find historical figures on sports trading cards without looking very hard.

Topps Allen & Ginter, Upper Deck Champ’s and Donruss Americana are just three releases that have put a new spin on things.

Over the last three years, though, Topps has gone one step further with its iconic flagship brand.  In 2007, Mickey Mantle and George Bush showed up on Derek Jeter’s card, causing some double takes from collectors and a minor media sensation.

That was just the beginning of some pranks the company has pulled in order to keep collectors looking carefully through the cards they pull from packs.  While the Jeter/Bush/Mantle card was fairly common, Topps has inserted some of its quirky variations at a much lower rate, many of which contain historic or political figures you wouldn’t expect to find.

Topps Abe Lincoln - Milton BradleyThis year, it appears as if Abe Lincoln has become the face of choice.  The Honest One is showing up in all kinds of strange places on Topps 2010 Series One cards.  Those variations–and some Yankee players getting a taste of shaving cream pie–are bringing decent money on eBay. 

It’s just part of the nuttiness in Topps Series One according to Beckett, which sorts it out in an article  for’s Page 2.