Topps Toys with Favre Football Cards

The gimmick card era continues with a pair of planted rarities in Topps’ 2008 football issue.

The Topps presses rolled before Brett Favre announced his comeback plans and that could be why a pair of chase cards seem to symbolize the end of his era as the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback.

Topps Brett Favre-Vince Lombardi variation card

Topps produced one card of Favre, identical to his regular issue 2008 edition, except for a shadowy figure of Vince Lombardi looming in the background. Collectors began pulling the card–or at least hearing about it–late last week. Topps says the card can be found in every 12,000 packs. One has been found in Texas and is currently for sale on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $325.

Topps 2008 Brett Favre lawnmower variation

The second card pictures someone on a riding lawnmower wearing a Packer helmet–a nod to Favre’s favorite activity when at home in Mississippi–and something he figured to do a lot of this fall had he not decided to return to the field. It, too, is seeded about one in every 333 boxes.