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Topps Throwback Set To Kick Off NFL Weekend

A pack of cards for a nickel? Topps returns to the 1950s again with its annual throwback packs weekend.

Topps' "Turn Back The Clock" promotion returns to hobby shops next weekend with the company offering 5-card packs of specially-created NFL rookies for 5 cents.

The promotion is again aimed at kick-starting kids and adults into football cards and enticing them to return to their local card shop. The TBC packs sold on September 8 and 9 will contain the same five cards with the remainder of the 22-card rookie set distributed on a weekly basis throughout the season.

A new card will be issued each week with each person who buys a pack of 2007 Topps football cards receiving the special card. Topps has held the promotion each of the last three years on the NFL's opening weekend.

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