Topps: Strasburg Allen & Ginter Mini Not Short Printed

Collectors seem to differ but Topps says Stephen Strasburg’s Allen & Ginter base mini card (# 401) falls at the same rate as any one base mini card in the product.

According to a Topps’ statement, the difference between Strasburg and the other subjects in the base mini set is that Strasburg’s card does not have any parallels (Allen & Ginter Back, Black Bordered, No Number, Bazooka Back, Silk, Wood and Printing Plate).

There are  a limited number of Strasburg autographed cards that can be found via redemption. One (along with a copy of every other autograph in 2010 Allen & Ginter) will be given to the person who cracks this year’s Ginter Code. A signed Strasburg A&G redemption card is up for auction now on eBay with a current high bid of over $1600.

Strasburg’s base mini card and autographed card can be found in both hobby and retail boxes.